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What is 6262 Fitness all about?

30 Day Shred Challenge

Fitness and good health is not a privilege, it’s your right.

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6262 Fitness is a fastest growing fitness community committed to helping you become better, fitter and healthier through Cardio, HIIT, Nutrition & SNC.

Tailor made packages for you

What do you get?

  • Offline and Online fitness training that will suit your fitness level 
  • Personalised group classes, monitored by master coach Amit Dahiya & his team
  • One on One Personal training
  • Healthy, clean and nutritious diet plan by our expert sports nutritionist
  • Experience mind and body transformation

Which is the best Gym near me?

Are you tired of searching on google for ‘best gym near me’. Zero down your search to 6262 Fitness- Mumbai’s largest functional training centre. Experience holistic fitness with mind and body transformation with our goal-oriented strategy. 

Make use of our specially designed scientific workouts to get that right posture and to get rid of small aches and pains.

Why do you need a  Personal Trainer?

  • A recent study by the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine says that a personal trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals by more than 30% than the usual gym exercise routine without the personal trainer.
  • Presence of a personal trainer can make a lot of difference in your gym exercise routine by providing you tips, support, helping you realise your strength, and motivating you to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • A personal trainer can help you get the effective goal oriented fitness strategy that is just right for you to achieve your fitness goals. 
  • Week on week they can help you alter the strategies and try new workouts as per your fitness needs.
  • A personal trainer can track your progress week on week and keep guiding you throughout the journey of transformation.
  • Getting better, fitter and healthier is a total commitment process and a personal trainer can help you be true to your commitment without veering off.
  • Training and diet regimen goes hand in hand. A personal trainer along with expert sports nutritionists plan your diet so that you develop a healthy eating pattern for sustainable long term results.
  • A personal trainer can be your workout partner who can teach you how to lift equipment the right way, support you to exercise and teach you about muscles so that you can learn about your body. 

Join us in 2 locations

Train at the best Gym in Bandra

  • Lockdown is easing out but don’t you ease out so early. Kickstart your day with a passionate workout at Bandra Studio. 
  • Shred off your excess fat and build a lean muscle mass 
  • 5 days a week workout with like minded fitness enthusiasts with flexible timings as per your schedule and ease
  • Complimentary online zoom classes included. 

Train at the Best Gym in Prabhadevi

  • Whether you start with simple gym exercise routine or target HIIT, 6262 Fitness gym at Prabhadevi is your right choice
  • Get personalised group classes with 6262 Fitness master coach Amit Dahiya & his team
  • Train right, eat right and build right every day for a holistic transformation
  • 5 days a week workout with like minded fitness enthusiasts with flexible timings as per your schedule and ease
  • Complimentary online zoom classes included

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How much time is needed to transform your body?

Every individual is unique so are their fitness goals and needs. Above all, it requires total commitment. If you stick to our workout plan and diet plan you will see the results yourself.

Do I need to be in Mumbai to join 6262 Fitness?

You don’t have to be in Mumbai physically to be a part of 6262 Fitness community. Register with our Online Zoom Classes and get started with gym exercise routine anywhere in India.

I am a beginner. Do I need a personal trainer?

Hiring a personal trainer is totally your choice. However, personal trainers can help you achieve your fitness goals by more than 30% with dedicated support, training and regular tracking of your fitness progress. If you don’t know your fitness goals, or are confused where to start, consider hiring a personal trainer and get, set, training right.

What if I am a beginner with no training equipment?

That should not be a problem. Only resistance bands and Dumbbells are mandatory. 

You can purchase these from our dedicated online store along with many other equipment such as Non slip Yoga Tego Mat, professional Hex Dumbbell set, resistance bands, or Ace Blend Vegan Protein,etc.  

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